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Who is Peter Caffrey?

Peter Caffrey is a writer of fiction with an absurdist leaning. Born and bred in London, he currently resides on the edge of civilisation with nothing but sea fog and buzzards for company.

His work has appeared in a number of publications including Underbelly, Infernal Ink, Horror Sleaze Trash, Close to the Bone, Frontier Tales, Terror House and Idle Ink. He has also appeared in a number of anthologies including Call Me Hoop, the Bumper Book of British Bizarro, Santa Claws is Coming to Deathlehem, 666 Dark Drables, Prose in Poor Taste Vol 2 and Bradonomicon.

His novels include The God of Wanking, Dog Food, Devil's Hairball, The Butcher's Other Daughter, and Whores Versus Sex Robots.

He drinks too much, exercises too little and is unlikely to change.

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News and updates from the absurdist, bizarro and horror author, Peter Caffrey.


Peter Caffrey
Writer of absurdist, bizarro and horror tales, with a tang of unsavoury humour. In short, a peddler of filth!